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Matting is a family-owned niche company that has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge of the importance of interiors for human well-being over the past 50 years. Our vision is about the sustainable human being with the next generation in focus.

With design, sustainability and knowledge as a basis, we develop products for interiors that contribute to more movement and flexibility - for the office, home and school. We want the working environments we and our young people spend time in every day to enable us to be active and invite natural variation, all to contribute to creative and sustainable people. Together with designers and experts who share our commitment to healthy, flexible and innovative furniture, we work purposefully to design products with a Scandinavian design language, simplicity and quality that lasts. Right from the design stage, we shape the product so that it can be reused and remodelled with details that can be easily replaced and give the product a second life.

With the next generation in mind, we place great focus and value on our sustainability efforts.

The majority of our products are manufactured in Sweden and the neighbouring region with consideration and care for those who make them, our environment and the next generation. We favour natural, recycled and non-toxic materials. Among our products you will find height-adjustable tables without electricity, seating furniture, portable screens, storage, table lighting and more.