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MALOW Spółka z o.o. is a metal furniture manufacturer. The company was founded in 1989 with HQ in Suwalki, city located in north-east Poland. Throughout years company has grown up to six modern plants.

Many years of experience in metal furniture production allows us to present you with our most popular assortment such as:

  • office furniture: cabinets for files, desks, tables, computer tables
  • social furniture: wardrobes lockers, lockers with compartments
  • school furniture: wardrobes lockers, furniture for teachers’ rooms
  • workshop furniture: workbenches, workshop cabinets, tool walls
  • medical furniture: medical cabinets, surgical tables, bedside cabinets
  • furniture for gastronomy: tables, cabinets, shelves, waiter’s carts, pass-through cabinets, hoods
  • lockers and trolleys for computers and laptops
  • archive movable shelving

We achieve our goals by providing our clients with high quality products, and varied demands of the clients are satisfied thanks to innovativeness and openness of our workers.

Through our wide range of products we can easily react to market needs, whereby special versions of furniture do not pose any problem for us.

We offer furniture with diversified prices which fit perfectly to diversified needs of the clients. Our complex offer allows to outfit offices, banks, changing rooms, clinics, archives of many employing establishments, companies and bureaus, as well as schools, libraries, hospitals, the doctor’s, car or locksmith workshops and many, many others. So we are with our products where there are people, documents, clothes, tools, that is EVERYWHERE